Event Reports

Event Reports

From a judge/stewards point of view...

Willow Banks 24/25 June 2017Posted by Donna-Marie Townsend Thu, July 20, 2017 21:24:56
Set in a perfect spot by the church, with the camper van on stand-by for endless cups of tea, four of us were ready for the influx of keen treccies as they arrived at the checkpoint...for us, it was a busy time because all the classes had to come through where we were. Luckily, the weather held off and time flew by as they all trundled through. We had some interested members of the public as some questions about what we were up to, and a couple seemed surprised by it all.

Once we were back at the venue, it was time to chill before having a walk around Sunday's PTV course and then an excellent meal which was followed by some first class fun with karaoke! Would have been fun to go on all night but we all had to be up in the morning ready for the PTV.

Being on the low branches was a lot of fun. We got a great view of much of the course, and with the low branch obstacle, an element of keep fit was involved with the hiring and lowering of the branches.

Lunch was again provided for the judges and with everything running smoothly and to time, the competition drew to a close with presentations following later. With our own beasties to tend to, we couldn't stay for the presentation, but we got a great insight into how a big event was run and how the judging was dealt with.

Next time, the aim is to ride it!

Donna and Pete.

A happy rider's report!

Willow Banks 24/25 June 2017Posted by Donna-Marie Townsend Thu, July 20, 2017 21:14:38

What a weekend - poor Koen (I'll not say poor Harvey) was tested to the limit at the Trec Lincolnshire weekend. People and horses came from all over the country and then there were Pam Fromm and me. Saturday was orienteering day - local knowledge was a big help so the compass wasn't needed (not that either of us know how to use one) and we were told to be aware that we would be going through a field full of cows! Harvey and Koen were up to speed in the first mile - going past the piggery no problem then came the carrot field!! The farmer had kindly turned off the irrigation. Only thing was we had to get the horses over the pipeline. Harvey watched Koen with morbid fascination as I tried to get him over the pipeline and I swear if Harvey had had a nail file he'd have filed his hooves watching Koen hyper ventilating. We finally got over the pipeline followed by Harvey who just stepped over it and walked passed Koen and then did an emergency stop because there was water in the ruts and he couldn't possibly go through it! He waited patiently for Koen to lead him through it who by this time was on the verge of a meltdown - he doesn't do water but overcame his fear and did it. If there was ever a time I wanted to shoot a horse (Harvey just to clarify) that was it!! We then had to go up a very steep hill - Koen set off trotting, I think in the hope Harvey would have a cardiac arrest. Harvey wasn't bothered he was the one with his fly sheet on. Every insect in Christendom descended on Koen - being black doesn't help and neither did the heat. When we finally got to the top the views were breathtaking - the next worry was "where was this field with the cows?". All I can say is that Pam and I are now experts in cow pats - old and new!!! Imagine our relief when we encountered no cows. Pam made up for the shortcomings of Harvey - literally speaking. As Harvey is somewhat shorter than Koen and so closer to the ground any difficult gates Pam dismounted and got us through and then was able to find somewhere to get back on. Pam obviously got bored getting on and off Harvey and found a novel way of dismounting. I've never seen anyone dismount sliding down the horse's neck. Unfortunately after this new approach to dismounting she couldn't find anywhere to remount and so we finished the course with Pam on foot followed by her faithless steed and, of course, St Koen and me.

Day 2 at Lincolnshire Trec weekend - surprisingly after our exploits on Saturday we were 3rd going into the obstacle course. Really pleased with Koen who was only really let down by me and my inexperience at some of the obstacles in that you have to remain in the same gait not do a mixture though we did have a hairy moment at the water. I thought Koen was actually going through it but as soon as he dipped his foot in the water he launched himself up the bank like an Exocet missile - all I could hear was the gasps from the judges! Harvey redeemed himself so is off the hit list. We dropped from 3rd to 5th but at least we got a rosette and survived.

Report kindly provided by Ruth Gregory